Chaa Latte is a fashion brand dedicated to celebrating centuries’ worth of South Asian artisan craft and sharing it in a form that easily fits into a modern lifestyle. We bring you chic, elevated womenswear with just the right touch of intricate detailing. Learn more about the features and inspiration behind each piece by clicking on the product below.

A note from the founder

South Asian wear is nearly always described as colorful, glamorous, and extravagant. You see these beautiful, elaborate traditional outfits on the big screen or in your closet waiting for the next big Indian wedding. To me, it’s the opposite. I identify South Asian fashion by the intricate, laborious, and often, subtle craft that goes into the embroidery and textile weaving processes. 

And so, I started Chaa Latte with a vision to make the art behind our incredible fabrics and detailing more accessible to ALL, no matter your background.

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