5 Ways to Elevate Your Holiday Look

5 Ways to Elevate Your Holiday Look

We hear you. The holidays are stressful enough and your outfit choice shouldn't be another thing to worry about. We're here to tell you it can be very simple to add a little festivity to your look while keeping it classy and tasteful. No need to splurge or find a whole new wardrobe. Here are 5 easy ways to elevate your holiday look!


1. Mix your textures

Add some flair to your look with mixed textures. We always love a neutral, monochromatic look but elevated with faux furs, leather, velvets, sequins or mirror. This is where you can add interest to your look, while balancing it with a more low-key approach to other pieces in the outfit. 

2. Jewelry

Statement jewelry goes a long way. Add bold and intricate pieces to glam up the rest of your attire. This is also an easy way to bring more of a fusion pull to your outfit by accessorizing it with statement, world-inspired pieces, like a dangling Indian jhumka or bangles. 

This might be controversial, but we say take it a step further by mixing your metals. Gold and silver DO play nice together, so don't be afraid to layer both in the same look. 

3. Bring the glam with your feet

We know many of you have a no-shoes policy at your aunt’s house, but do it for the gram! Complete the look with a burst of color or texture on your feet. An otherwise simple look can be elevated with some metallic or sparkly footwear. If you do have to leave the shoes at the door, make sure you bring some of that glam to other pieces in your look so nothing feels missing during the event. 

4. Red lips

Nothing says festive like the color red, but we think it’s a little predictable for your clothes. Instead, tie in this holiday color with a bold lip, and push it even further with matching nails! And bonus benefit, you’ll always know which champagne glass is yours with that flirty lipstick mark.

FUN FACT: Did you know the red lipstick became an unofficial symbol of female empowerment during the suffragist movement? It’s one reason why we made red one of our brand colors to symbolize the powerful lipstick mark left behind on your cup of chaa.  

5. Hair accessories

A most elegant way to add flair to your wardrobe. Opt for subtle yet impactful piece that helps add glam to your look. Side clips, back clips, metallic details to braid into your hair - there are so many options to create interest starting at the top! 


Whether you combine a few of the above ideas or focus in on one, it's truly easy to elevate your holiday look in a unique way. The main thing is to have fun and let your fashionable self shine! Tell us which idea you loved the most in the comments and share this post with your friends.

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