3 Reasons to Wear Wide-Leg Pants and How to Style Them

Chaa Latte Kolkata Applique Wide-leg pants

Wide-leg pants are in and they're here to stay! Though we'll always have love for some good skinny jeans, it's time to move on to more comfortable pastures. There are so many things to love about wide-leg pants - here are our top 3 reasons why:

1. They are flattering on all body types

Unlike skinny jeans, wide-leg pants really do flatter nearly all body types. One of the most common misconceptions is that they make you look bigger. However, wide-leg pants typically make you look taller and accentuate your waistline, creating an incredibly flattering silhouette. Good news for the post-holiday feast, as your fuller belly is likely to stay hidden. Tips on how to style below!


2. They are perfect for any occasion

Wide-leg pants really are perfect for any occasion - from the office, to a casual game night, to a more dressy holiday outfit. There is so much variety in styles out there, but you can also take the one you own and dress it up or down with the help of accessories, layers and shoes. And no matter how formal you may go, they are still so much more comfortable than the skinny jeans at the back of your closet.


3. They are typically roomier around the waist

Who doesn't want pants that look stylish, while still being incredibly comfortable? Many wide-leg pants have a bit of extra fabric around the waist and hips, so you can say yes to that second dessert! One great feature in our Kolkata Applique Pants is the elastic band at the back of the pants that give you several inches of stretch. How perfect for the food-focused holidays ahead!



Help define your waist

To create a flattering shape, wear your wide-leg pants with a waist-synching top or a tucked-in romantic blouse. Even oversized shirts can work with this look, but be sure to half-tuck it in so your look is not appearing too boxy. If you're sporting some extra cushion around the waist (doesn't cake taste especially good around the holidays?), we love throwing on a vest or blazer to help pull attention away.

For the cooler months, they look great with layers like a blazer or a leather jacket. If you do layer with baggier/oversized items, we think a more slim-fitted or tucked-in top looks best underneath. 

Lengthen your silhouette

Opt for longer pants instead of cropped styles. For maximum lengthening, try to have the bottom of the pants touch the ground with minimal footwear showing. This creates an illusion of height on even petite figures. 

Use your accessories 

Even with casual wide-leg pants, you can lean on your accessories to dress up your look. Keep it balanced but have fun with colors, textures and styles. We love pairing our Kolkata Pants featuring gun-metal vegan leatherwork with bold oxidized earrings. Balanced from head to toe!



If you're convinced that you need a pair of wide-leg pants, be sure to check out our Kolkata Applique Pants! The fit and fabric lend to an incredibly comfortable experience, while still being stylish and chic. Wear them with or without heels, depending on your height. We suggest anyone 5'7 and taller to opt for low-heel or flat shoes, as it keeps the pants to the ground for a beautifully elongated look. And last but not least, that elastic stretch band adds inches of extra room when you need it. The proof - our founder, Promiti, sported a 6-month pregnant belly in our Kolkata Pants for our latest Reel post, so you know the stretch is real (check it out at @chaa_latte or click the link here)!


Tell us what you love about wide-leg pants in the comments below and add your tips on how to style them!


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