About Us

Welcome to Chaa Latte!

My name is Promiti and I began Chaa Latte with a vision to make the incredible art and detailing of South Asian fashion more accessible to North America, no matter your background.

South Asian attire is nearly always described as colorful, glamorous, and extravagant. You see these beautiful, elaborate traditional outfits on the big screen or in your closet waiting for the next big Indian wedding. To me, it’s the opposite. I identify South Asian attire by the intricate, laborious, and often, subtle craft that goes into the embroidery and textile weaving processes. Chaa Latte is a story of celebrating centuries’ worth of art and skill, and sharing it in a form that everyone can wear easily and proudly, every day.

I am so excited to now launch the Payal Collection. I designed this collection while pregnant with my first baby, and wanted to craft a story of femininity and power. The payal is a South Asian anklet jewelry that is so intrinsic to our culture. Each piece in the collection is adorned with this beautiful jewelry, which symbolizes beauty and womanhood. More interestingly, it produces a beautiful sound as you move, making your presence seen and heard. I dedicate this collection to my daughter, Nilasha.

My promise to you is that each piece is crafted with immense love and dedication. It will always remain true to the vision and have the highest quality. I truly hope you’ll love my pieces and believe in what this brand is set out to do.